• 1982 – Start of Craig S. Caulkins participation in the window cleaning equipment industry.
  • 1984 – Mr. Caulkins first became a committee member of the national standard for the industry ASME A l20. 1 (a national standard for the industry for powered window cleaning equipment).
  • 1991 – Founded C. S. Caulkins Co., Inc., an engineering consulting firm specializing exclusively in window cleaning, facade access, and fall protection equipment.
  • 1991 – California OSHA's (Cal-OSHA) granted the C.S. Caulkins Co. S.I.T. license number 6.
  • 1992 – Craig S. Caulkins, authored and published "High-rise Window Cleaning Equipment and Techniques", the only book in North America covering the many facets of window cleaning     equipment on tall buildings.
  • 1992 – Member of the California OSHA's Advisory Committee for the establishment of new window cleaning equipment standards
  • 2001 – 2014: Developed the national standard for the industry ANSI I 14.1 (window cleaning techniques and support equipment) and has served as its Vice Chairman.
  • 2002 – Member of the State of Washington team that updated their Labor Code for window cleaning activities.
  • 2007 – 2013: Vice-Chairman of the ASME A 120.1 committee.
  • 2013 – Present: Chairman of the ASME A 120.1 committee
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