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Founded in 1991, the C.S. Caulkins Co., Inc. is an engineering consulting firm specializing in "man-rated" equipment systems: mechanisms that are relied upon to support people working over great heights. Although our engineering efforts have concentrated on window cleaning and facade access equipment and related fall protection techniques, past projects have also included the preparation of Building Access Plans for personnel rigging when maintaining sloping roofs, fall protection for workers on building ledges, plus fall protection systems over entertainment and sports arenas - supplying safety for lighting and electrical crews in the entertainment industry. Since the company’s inception we have successfully performed window-cleaning equipment consulting on more than five hundred buildings (new and existing) throughout the United States, a testament to the expertise and experience possessed by this engineering company.

The company’s founder, Craig S. Caulkins, participated in the window cleaning equipment industry since 1982. In 1991 Cal-OSHA granted the C.S. Caulkins Co. S.I.T. license number 6. In 1992 he authored and published "High-rise Window Cleaning Equipment and Techniques", the only book in North America covering the many facets of window cleaning equipment on tall buildings. Mr. Caulkins continues to stay on the leading edge of industry trends, techniques and Code requirements as he serves on two national committees for U.S. Standards in the industry: Former Vice-Chairman of the ANSI 1 14.1 committee for window cleaning techniques and its support equipment on new and existing buildings; and Chairman of the ASME A l20.1 committee, a standard for powered window-cleaning equipment. Additionally, he was a member of the California OSHA's 1992 Advisory Committee for the establishment of new window cleaning equipment standards in California and served in a similar role when the State of Washington updated their Labor Code for window cleaning activities.

In 2009, Mr. Caulkins began recruiting Jason M. Moore, P.E. to become his successor. Mr. Moore officially began working in the industry in 2011 and in 2022, took over as President and CEO. Mr. Moore is a member of the ASME A120.1 National Safety Standards Committee and has participated in multiple Cal OSHA  Advisory Committee meetings.

As a small consulting company, the C.S. Caulkins Co., Inc. takes pride in our thorough and extensive knowledge of the facade access industry as well as our ability to provide expert engineering information to our customers in a timely manner. It is with this confidence that we look forward to serving your unique needs.



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