Menu of Available Services

The C.S. Caulkins Co. Inc. has practiced engineering consulting since 1991, specializing in window cleaning and exterior maintenance equipment. A list of consulting services one may choose from is outlined below.

  1. Review the Project Drawings that are potentially affected by window cleaning/ exterior maintenance equipment.
  2. Attend a workshop meeting with the project team to explore the various options for façade access equipment, identifying the ramifications for each alternative, and develop the best system, considering aesthetics, interfaces with roof structures, code compliance (safety); and cost.
  3. Prepare follow-up letter offering a continuation of our engineering services where applicable.
  4. Specifically Excluded: Preparation of meeting notes, reports, and supply of scaled drawings or sketches.

Work Examples

  • Construction Drawings: We would be happy to furnish additional examples upon request.
  • Constructions Specifications: Construction drawings are typically paired with a detailed performance specification (not included herein for proprietary reasons; example can be provided upon request).
  • OPOS (Operating Procedure Outline Sheet) Drawings:

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